The coaching office is in Berlin Treptow (S Bahn Treptower Park)

with a great view on the river. In Summer you can swim in the Badeschiff after or before the session.

Face to Face Sessions are possible: Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday between 8 and 10.p.m.

Inhouse seminars or coachings in Berlin or Europe are possible on Wednesday or Thursday

Coachings on the phone, letter (for sensitive subjects or „old fashioned“ clients) and                                                             via mail are  possible and a good alternative for clients with a heavy workload or special needs.

You can reach me by phone:  +49 177 474 1111


or fill out the form below

The office is:  Raum am Meer Fanny Zobelstr. 9 12435 Berlin





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When things happen that demand a lot, the the most pragmatic of what we can do,is to get support. 
Even if you usually get everything done on your own. Interdependent we can grow better. 
Both as a team and as an individual.

Supervision and education:
As an apprentice of the DGfC, I train coaches and stress-resilience trainers and do supervision of interdisciplinary teams, coaches and psychologists.

In-house or in the office.

Crisis management is growth and potential development

A neutral pair of eyes, ears, an external brain and heart were supportive for people in the following situations:

team conflicts:

My team / our boss understands us / me / the thing not / is wrong

Unpleasant unpredictable meetings, unresolved arrangements

Multi-national departments with communication conflicts

Ambiguities in objectives, tasks and prioritization in the team, department or company

Different perspectives- making decisions-difficult - for the leader, team or company

Unwanted, surprising restructuring, changes,

Defeated but the task is to go further 
 These daily businesses of successful people are often easier supported by coaching sessions with an outsider.