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Co-actively Ms. Kay Helmich (Master of Psychology and Mastercoach) assists you in Berlin-Treptow to achieve your goals and ease the process of getting there. Her background ranges from Systemic Coaching, Gestalt, Covey principles and psychotherapy to Satirs 5 freedoms. Using techniques of positive reinforcement, traditional coaching and anti-stress techniques according to the great teachings of Ellis, Meichenbaum and de Shazer- it is possible to reach personal and business goals and enhance the quality of your life. The coaching process is designed to fit your goal, needs and personality. The tool kit is filled with good surprising questions, visualization of your  journey and inner as outer team. Clients love the visualization and analysis of the options and dangers along the way, documenting of daily tasks, story telling and psychodrama. You might also explore imaginative or creative methods as taking on a new perspective (seeing  it from a Richard Branson viewpoint, or from a hells angels/ solution Innovator/organized structured traditionalist viewpoint) Some even use music while thinking (playing the guitar or sing) and learn empowerment techniques from acting and martial arts. Defining a purpose in life and work, which will guide and motivate you, is easier with the aid of professional coaching. „The more skills one has, the more one can benefit from coaching. Amateurs don t have coaches but professionals do…They seek advice because they have the drive to improve and have the wisdom to seek new ideas“. (R. Fisher)

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