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When things happen that demand a lot, to get support and to talk it is the most pragmatic of what we can do. Even if you / woman normally everything alone on the way. Interdependent we can grow better. Both as a team and as an individual.

Supervision and education:

As an apprentice of the DGfC, I train coaches and stress-resilience trainers and supervise interdisciplinary teams, coaches and psychologists.

In-house or in my office Raum am Meer.

Crisis management is often a chance to grow, be stronger and benefit from potential development

A neutral pair of eyes, ears, an external brain and heart were supportive for people in the following situations:

Team conflicts:

My team/our boss understands us/me/the thing not/wrong there 

Unpleasant unpredictable meetings, unresolved arrangements

Multinational-departments with communication conflicts

Ambiguities in objectives, tasks and prioritization in the team, department or company

Different perspectives-are making decisions difficult - for leader, team or company

Unwanted, surprising restructuring changes

Defeated and going further. The daily business of successful people is easier, supported by quiet questions of an outsider.