Co-actively Ms. Kay Helmich (Master of Psychology and Mastercoach) assists you in Berlin-Treptow to achieve your goals and ease the process of getting there. Her background ranges from Systemic Coaching, Gestalt, Covey principles and psychotherapy to Satirs 5 freedoms. Using techniques of positive reinforcement, traditional coaching and anti-stress techniques according to the great teachings of Ellis, Meichenbaum and de Shazer- it is possible to reach personal and business goals and enhance the quality of your life. The coaching process is designed to fit your goal, needs and personality. The tool kit is filled with good surprising questions, visualization of your  journey and inner as outer team. Clients love the visualization and analysis of the options and dangers along the way, documenting of daily tasks, story telling and psychodrama. You might also explore imaginative or creative methods as taking on a new perspective (seeing  it from a Richard Branson viewpoint, or from a hells angels/ solution Innovator/organized structured traditionalist viewpoint) Some even use music while thinking (playing the guitar or sing) and learn empowerment techniques from acting and martial arts. Defining a purpose in life and work, which will guide and motivate you, is easier with the aid of professional coaching. „The more skills one has, the more one can benefit from coaching. Amateurs don t have coaches but professionals do… They seek advice because they have the drive to improve and have the wisdom to seek new ideas“. (R. Fisher)

7 reasons for coaching

1. Instant support and strengthening where ever you are. Face to face, online, zoom or telephone coaching. The work can connect you to yourself, your tasks at work and your situation from a clear, friendly, pragmatic distance. You will get into contact with your inner power and space of intelligent creativity. Therefore situations, crises or challenges will be more tangible and less emotional. Good options with long term and short term rewards and understood criteria will arrive. You will be more humorous and get a grounded perspective or mindset. You will be able to choose your actions wisely and with the right amount of preparation, risk taking, “soul developing” principles and inner quiet.
Even in grey months or darkness, coaching means: finding aspects of hope and love, 3% changes in little subtle ways for body, heart and mind for the better. Through the support of the other, not involved being, the concept of physical and creative awareness,  new perspectives come to aid and emotions will be a little more fluid.

We can do roleplay. Seeing the situation from the other, or from an understanding, older person, your challenge from a calm and solid friend or an opponents view and or draw the situation. We can draw it as a hero_ine story, on a flip chart, or we place it in the room with chairs, puppets, symbols, lines for territories/departments and goals.

2. If you like, you may use the body intelligence, use the knowledge of neuropsychology and neurobiology and use these simple tasks, which often help to bring out the compassion, calm and creative solution and rational intelligence, so the decisions are not fogged by bias, naiveté and unconscious needs but by your deep wisdom and your nourishing future.

3. I am an outsider and will see other things than an insider.

“The range of what we think and do is limited by what we fail to notice. And because we fail to notice that we fail to notice, there is little we can do to change until we notice how failing to notice shapes our thoughts and deeds.” R. D. Laing

4. You ll be able to understand your inner and outer “enemies” “team” or “helpers” your other departments, spouse or partner better and the communication will therefore be better.

5. You ll get information, truth and ideas which nourish, satisfy, inspire and shield you. Why? Through 15 years of working I have techniques and  the ability to set a process- that will provide this.  I love research, the field of honor, stories and playing. I can switch in a moment to deal with the intelligent leader, the team-player, the one who wants to serve, the QM and  at the same time with the stubborn, anxious, shadow side, the vain or ignorant or grrreedy part, the forgotten wounded one and give them space, make them feel acknowledged and understood, find out their needs and invite the practical, the strong hulk, the humorous, the AI, the related one or the key player and the discoverer. So you`ll find fine solutions for facts.

6.Write down 10 reasons for no coaching and then continue with your 10 reasons, why coaching.

7. You will be able to sleep better.

And a college Kim Morgan, outlines here more 10 good reasons for coaching.

  1. “A coach will have no preconceptions about you. There is no agenda or history to cloud the coach’s view of you. Unlike anyone else in your life they see you as you show up in front of them…not as your job title, as a parent, a child or someone they have known for years. They see you as you are and as who you potentially could be. Coaches hold up a mirror to you so that you can see the best of yourself too.
  2. Coaches really know how to listen. When was the last time you were really listened to, without interruption, so that you could hear yourself thinking? It’s not the same talking to the wall or the fridge. Neuroscience has found that receiving attention from another human being floods the brain with feel-good chemicals, increasing the quality of your thinking and reducing stress.
  3. Coaching is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Coaches don’t impose their solutions. They appreciate the uniqueness of each individual and realise that every person will have a different mix of beliefs, conditioning, values, wants, needs, strengths etc. A coach will help you understand yourself – what motivates you and what holds you back, what excites you and what gives you a sense of purpose.
  4. A coach will ask you great questions, which will help you to find the solutions or goals which are right for you and your particular blend of attributes and traits. You will find solutions which are right for your specific situation.  Coaching is like having a perfectly cut, tailor-made suit which will only fit you!
  5. It’s exciting, stimulating and fun. A good coach will be comfortable using humour and being playful as well as offering you support, praise and challenge. You should expect to leave every coaching session feeling more resourceful than you did when you arrived.
  6. A coach will hold you to account, check on your progress, care about you, support you, champion you and challenge you. Self-help books are great but they don’t follow up!
  7. A coach will work on anything you want – however small or random. Not everyone who sees a coach wants to become the next CEO of their company. Some people want to find the motivation to tidy their spare room, get on better with their mother-in-law, stick to their health and fitness goals, explore what really matters to them in life, find the courage to make a change. You set the agenda in coaching and the coach commits to doing all they can to support you.
  8. Coaching is all about you! You pay for the coach’s time, expertise and their ability to partner you in your thinking.  You don’t have to turn-take in conversation with a coach – you can just indulge in pure “me time.”
  9. You can let go of trying to be perfect, people pleasing, discounting your achievements – or whatever other habits you have acquired throughout your life.  A coach will create an adult to adult relationship in which you will learn that ‘being perfect’ doesn’t exist. You will learn self-awareness and self-management skills which will last you a lifetime.
  10. Coaching works. Behind every successful sportsperson is a coach. Behind many a successful business person there is a coach. High achievers know they can’t do it all on their own. Asking for help and support is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength. Coaching can make the difference.

Neuroscience has found that receiving attention from another human being floods the brain with feel-good chemicals, increasing the quality of your thinking and reducing stress.