Smoking, alcohol or drug reduction or quitting


quit smoking either in a three week seminar with three session of 180 min.

or during a day course (for people, who prepare for the workshop at home).

Inhouse or here in Berlin Treptow close to the Badeschiff.

Drinking and consuming only the dose you really enjoy and are feeling  good about, the day after. And it s the best thing to fight Corona. Strengthening your immune system not weakening it through more alcohol. This training helps you to get less stressed and positive.

controlled alkohol and drug use:  10 week course either as a group program or alone. Both Seminars if booked with a group, are certified by health insurance and you get 80 to 300 € reimbursement of costs from the health insurance company.

Can you successfully control your drinking? Our experience at Kontrolliert Trinken is,  that many people do successfully control their drinking. Other people find after the workshop that it is simpler, safer, and more effective to give up drinking entirely than to attempt to control their drinking.

new seminar starting 1.9.19   sessions of 90 min. : This is a certified 10 week course either in private sessions or in a group to find out how much you consume and was is does to your body and brain fitness. You clear your mindsets about why you drink. You find other possibilities to get what you want instead of drinking alkohol, so it gets easier to reduce. We work  out what is the gain of not changing anything and which aspects could open the road to other solutions. You get problem solving techniques, bodywork, relaxation tips and find your „inner hero“ or „supporter“ to lead you step by baby step towards your realistic goals and happy ending or better ROI.

It helps to have a place to share, speak and sense and to find more enjoyable solutions. The program is open to individual preferences. Some use sheer structural discipline, (they drink nothing more than 3% ;-this as much as they want. Some drink at certain days certain amounts.) Some explore mindfulness, some use shamanic and some martial art techniques. I have a big toolbox and you can choose the one which does it for you.

Workout is often helpful:

And to find out more about the programm read here:

Some clients like to have a web-based program and to come also to private sessions with me. Or have them on the phone to adress personal matters, where a neutral, outsider perspective with no emotional entangelment is helpful and strengthening.  Also the way is sometimes hard and I know some physical tips and tricks to stay on track. Here are some good websites. excerpt: Here a memoir of a man who „began controlled drinking six years ago, and despite anxieties that I was doing the wrong thing, there are no signs that my relationship with alcohol has become problematic again. I might drink three times a week, typically with a meal, on weekends, or out with friends, and not more than two or three drinks on an occasion — within the UK’s recommended guidelines.“

Trying to answer “when is controlled drinking possible?” is a bit like asking “what’s the best treatment for addiction?” — there are no easy answers; it depends on many factors. But there are some basic principles that might help predict success. Fundamentally, it may be fair to generalise that controlled drinking tends to be less successful for people who’ve been more severely dependent, experienced adverse childhood experiences, previously failed to control their drinking, or endured excessive insecurity or stress in their lives.

To anyone with a history of alcohol problems contemplating controlled drinking, I would suggest they ask themselves what it is they truly want or expect from drinking again. Weighing up the pros and cons objectively can be difficult, and it can be easy to over-value the pleasurable effects of moderate drinking. For me alcohol may have a mild relaxant effect, but it is not to de-stress, let go, or suppress negative emotions. If I go through a tough time in the future, I believe that will be an important time not to drink. Keeping healthy and looking after myself in other ways provide protective effects that allow me to drink without problems“.

If you have questions just send me an email or call.

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The office is in Berlin close to the Badeschiff.

When is “controlled drinking” possible?