About me

Coaching in Berlin

for business, empowerment- including voice and body, relationships and loved projects

Work Experience

Mrs. Helmich has successfully worked for 17 years as a coach for profit and not for profit organizations and private clients using diverse systems and methods for:

Leadership Development
– professional and personal growth
– dealing with crises, challenges and changes
– getting it done with more joy and fulfillment in the adventure of work and life

Supervision and Mediation

workshops and training-programs for: decision making, communication-skills and better conflict management, visualization, body language and voice, resilience (health insurance certificated), quit smoking (health insurance certificated) alcohol-, drug-reduction.

She teaches at the university HTW and HWR decision competence.

and is a humorous keynotespeaker.

Beside this she has 20 years of work experience as an actress and musician in international TV, theater and film productions and has directed and produced a documentaryfilm about mothers, several plays and 60 songs https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cay_Helmich

Education and qualifications

DGfC Mastercoach systemical business coaching 

Master in clinical psychology at the Technical University of Berlin TU

Therapy (HP)  TA, Gestalt, Body Mind Centering, functional voice and respiratory therapy, EMDR, EFT, relaxation techniques as PMR, Yoga AT, Middendorf, EMDR, Psychodrama, NLP, sculpturing, mindfulness, Controlled Drinking Kontrolliert Trinken KT und KISS.  As a trainer: Stress reduction,(IEK Berlin) non smoking training, (IFT München) communication (ahab Berlin).



To foster healthy relationships, to oneself and to others, to find solutions and innovations to deal with ambiguity and complexity, to act in accordance to ones true aims and longterm benefit. I‘d be honored to help you on your journey to a more satisfying leadership, career, partnership or a better self-perspective and care for the soul.

Research and development

Ms. Helmich has developed three methods to lighten up your life and work processes:
– „Deal with fear, rage or sadness, sing it and change it to gladness“ Masooi: Make a song out of it. www.coaching-songs.com
– The Joy-House, a physical, analytical model to be formed by the client or team helps to concentrate, relax and empower.                                                  
– The door opener, a tasty method to ease decision making and to get help to hold on to your commitments.

SETHIDO sense/think/do.